Regulatory challenges for Online Gaming

If we talk about the last fifteen to twenty years, technology has become a significant part of every daily routine. Maybe in terms of education or lifestyle, technology has grabbed humane in one way or another. This has led to new guidelines in all countries worldwide to avoid significant issues related to increasing technology.

Future of Online Gaming

Online games have already been recorded as a widely used source of entertainment before the worldwide pandemic. . And now, during this pandemic, they have become the favorite pastime and source of entertainment among the youth and other age group people Before 2022, the online gaming industry is assessed to..

Basic rules for online gaming in India

Whether the games are based on skills or gambling, they are played by all age groups worldwide. Gambling has been an integral part of Indian culture for ages. We can take the example of Mahabharata, but now it's illegal in India. The change of gaming is a beautiful excursion of technological advancements and the always-growing scope of online gaming.

Top 10 Solitaire Card Games to play on your smartphones.

When it comes to Solitaire Card Games, options are plenty available, so you do not need to stick to a single version. With the technological advancements, new features like improved graphics, fast pace, etc., are continuously being added to the more recent versions to make it more engaging and fun. Now, let's go through the top 10 solitaire card games to play on your smartphones:


Video Games have now become an integral part of many mobile phone users. And the usage of mobile phones had double-fold during this pandemic, which has increased video game playing. People love to play video games during their free time as outdoor movements were restricted. Also, some games can be played anywhere, like when you travel, wait for your turn in clinics, airports, railways stations, and many such places...

The positive impact of video games on Health and Wellness

Insights and studies have shown that mobile video games can adversely influence individuals. Notwithstanding, many individuals would be astonished that a significant part of the harmful data about video games is overstated and that video games can also affect people positively. One area that video games can undoubtedly affect is our Health. For this part, we'll inspect what online video games can emphatically mean for our wellbeing through physical...

How online gaming has become a social lifeline

Video games have always played a crucial role in people’s entertainment. Since the1970s video games and computer games have been played and loved among gamers all around the globe. And now, with the advent of advanced technology and increased skill set, online gaming is been enjoyed the people of all age groups. If we would have not influenced by pandemic...

Chess first move strategy for Whites

A strong move at the very beginning of the chess game can do wonders. If you are planning to learn all the 20 first moves in chess meant for whites, it can be very frightening especially when you are just a beginner or at the intermediate level. Neither they are that important to learn at the beginning level until you are not planning to have a national competition. And to have a good game first five...